Youth Student Art

Students of Paint Atelier learn technical methods through direct hands-on experience as well as from learning about the styles as and influence of historical artists. As students learn, a larger story of history, society and cultural experience unfolds.



Instructor Art

Fine Art Instructor and the Director of Paint Atelier, Tanya Yvette, trained at the nation’s oldest museum and school, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After moving to Florida from Philadelphia, her classical style has become influenced by the contemporary, colorful, and vivacious Miami spirit.

Tanya’s work frequently serves the purposes of telling educational narratives and supporting social advocacy. She has spearheaded such initiatives as founding an after school Mural Arts Club at the inner city Miami-Dade County Public School, Kelsey Pharr Elementary. Tanya also exhibits her students’ work for the purpose of nonprofit fundraising. One such example of this scope is a show entitled, A Home for Henry, which she produced in partnership with Bowes Dermatology to provide aid to a young boy living in Dominican Republic, who suffered from a rare skin condition.

While Tanya Yvette’s work is diverse in its material and design, she remains faithful to her modes. These will continue to surround a desire to uplift viewers by preserving experiences and heightening the emotional and intellectual responses linked to memory. in addition, her work expresses a call to action as it recognizes the power within us all to live artfully as we strive to improve the collective social good.


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