Kelsey Pharr Mural Arts Club

Tanya Yvette Establishes Inner-City Mural Arts Club

Fine Art instructor, Tanya Yvette, established an after school mural arts program at Miami-Dade County Public School, Kelsey Pharr Elementary School, in the Brownsville neighborhood. Tanya’s inspiration grew predominantly from her memories growing up and then, studying fine art in Philadelphia, the mural capital of the country. She also holds firm to the belief that environment is closely related to sentiment and felt that some inspiration was certainly need on Kelsey Pharr’s interior! Thus, she created a program which provided instruction, mentorship and purpose – the results of which would directly benefit the children and apply their artistic talents! Tanya Yvette met with the children who registered for the program twice per week for two hours, and project-by-by project  worked with them to beautify the school where most of their daytime hours spent!

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