Coral Gables Museum Fundraiser

A Home for Henry

Paint Atelier students, Deider and Nelson, contribute to the life-changing outreach lead by Miami’s top specialists at Bowes Dermatology! Using the art of painting, these talented young boys extend a call to action in order to help a young boy and deserving boy named Henry.

Living in the Dominican Republic, Henry suffers from a rare and life threatening dermatologic condition known as Ichthyosis, meaning that he does not have sweat glands. His conditions at home, due to not having manufactured flooring, air-conditioning, or indoor plumbing, are such that he runs the risk of fever and damage to his organs.

Contributing to the mission of Bowes Dermatology to build a new home for Henry, Deider and Nelson’s art was enjoyed on display at The Coral Gables Art Museum alongside the work of local professionals. The boys sold both originals and prints to the Philanthropic Miamians who attended the event in order to support Henry.

Featured Professional Artists Included:

Bridges Aderhold

Eleazar Delgado

Tanya Yvette


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