Little Haiti Arts Challenge

Student Recognized for Her Autobiographical Haiti-Inspired Art

Student Fedna, of Miami-Dade County’s Kelsey Pharr Elementary, created an award winning mixed piece under the creative tutelage and support of Paint Atelier Director, Tanya Yvette.

“Fedna was a student that caught my eye right away. She had a calm and intelligent disposition. Yet, as the year went on, I noticed that this newly emigrated student from Haiti, was beginning to feel the strains of conformity at her new American inner-city school.

This became evident as she befriended one of the known defiant  girls at school. When I noticed Fedna shyly smile at one of this new friend’s outbursts, though formerly she would have been dismayed, I leapt at the opportunity to inspire her with more positive influences. Thus, employing creativity, conceptualization and mentorship, I attempted to replace the much to common destructive entertainment that is, at its root, a cry for adult attention and care.

She flourished with this new and uplifting opportunity to engage her mind, skill and sentiment. Over the course of their sessions, Tanya Yvette worked with Fedna to create a piece that reflected her middle position between two homes – more like worlds. While she had moved to The U.S. for better opportunities, she lived in a place where many young die before they even have a chance to pursue any opportunity. She had only her father



Press Release:

Commissioner Jean Monestime

Hosts Second Annual Haitian History Bee

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